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Heya! Name's Vanellope. I'm kinda the princess of Sugar Rush, but I'm a racer deep down in my coding. You guys can ask me questions 'cause ya seem like an okay bunch.

-Post movie, there may be spoilers; mod may curse a little. Credit for reaction icons goes to itsjustpixlexia! MULTIFANDOM-

M!A: An adult for four (4) weeks.

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Not in Sugar Rush Anymore (@talktothe11thdoctor)

It was… snowing. Yeah, snowing.

Vanellope stood there, her face turned up to the sky. The small, white flecks fell gently onto her face, coasting her nose and eyelashes. It was cold, but it didn’t feel familiar  Everything felt so real; the brisk air, the feel of her sweater bunching around her waist and the sense that she wasn’t supposed to be here.

"What happened?" There was a reason why she was standing in the middle of a dark street with only a lamp to light her surroundings. She remembered the arcade blacking out, and a strange player approaching their console. Whatever happened after that, she didn’t remember. With a shrug, she scratched her ear and looked down to both ends of the street.

"Where the gumdrops am I, anyway?"