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Heya! Name's Vanellope. I'm kinda the princess of Sugar Rush, but I'm a racer deep down in my coding. You guys can ask me questions 'cause ya seem like an okay bunch.

-Post movie, there may be spoilers; mod may curse a little. Credit for reaction icons goes to itsjustpixlexia! MULTIFANDOM-

M!A: An adult for four (4) weeks.

My Tag: #vanellopevonawesome

Skype: nerdyari
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ifixeverythingitouch-deactivate sent:

"Merry Christmas my little sugar cube!" Felix grins and swings Vanellope off her feet and into a hug.

Vanellope accepted the hug and returned it warmly, her arms squeezing around his chest. “Merry Christmas, Felix!” She reached up and pulled his hat over his face, snickering.